On the River. On the Move.

CitySide Lofts

Midtown, located along the river between Ann Morrison Park and downtown,
is Boise’s uniquely urban, yet recreationally-rich neighborhood.

Tandem Diabetes

Publicly-traded company that develops medical devices for patients with diabetes

Tandem Diabetes

In the development of our first product, the t:slim® Insulin Pump, we conducted thousands of interviews with people living with diabetes and their healthcare providers, and have continued using this design approach in the development of all of our products. We believe that by listening to the needs of both patients and providers, we have a better chance of delivering products that will help improve their lives.

Agri Beef Co

Meat wholesaler that supplies beef to restaurants and stores across the country

Agri Beef Co

A Family-owned and operated company with over 50 years of experience in the beef industry. A small, family operation at the start, Agri Beef gradually expanded to include every step of the beef supply chain, from ranch to table. Headquartered in Boise, ID with 12 locations throughout Idaho and Washington.

Verdant CrossFit

Local fitness studio offering CrossFit and gymnastics classes

Verdant CrossFit

Verdant CrossFit offers 15 classes daily beginning at 5:15AM and ending at 6:15PM. We offer CrossFit, CrossFit Lite, Barbell Club, and Gymnastics. Verdant is a community above anything else. We have members who are 70 years old and members who are 13 years old. We develop our students physically and educate them about healthy lifestyle choices and provide them nutrition options that will work for them.

Rich past. Vibrant future.

For the last 150+ years, Shoshone tribes, pioneers, homesteaders and immigrant families have all called this neighborhood home. Today, it’s a thriving hub for business and recreation that’s deeply connected to the heart of Boise.

Farmers Market Brings Fresh Energy

Enjoy what’s local and what’s in season. From fruits and veggies to bread and coffee, the Boise Farmers Market makes it easy (and fun) to get the items you love directly from local producers.

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Eats and Drinks

Upscale dining. Food Trucks. Pizza and beer. Midtown has a diverse food and beverage scene within close proximity. And even more is in the works.

Credit: Visit SW Idaho