About Midtown

Boise River in Fall

What is Midtown Boise?

Midtown is a dynamic urban neighborhood defined by its connectivity to the river, surrounding nature, and the vitality of Boise’s Downtown. Bordered by Myrtle Street and the Boise River between 9th Street and I-I84, Midtown is home to the Boise Farmers Market, dozens of businesses, and hundreds of residents.

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Read on to learn more about the history of Midtown as well as the opportunities to live, work and play here today.

Living in Midtown

From single family homes to townhomes to apartments and condos, Midtown features tremendous diversity in housing options. More information available soon!

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Working in Midtown

Hundreds of businesses run by thousands of employees bring energy to Midtown every day. We have startups and global leaders, services and manufacturers.


Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Some of Boise’s most impactful nonprofits are doing meaningful work in Midtown Boise. The River of Life Men’s Shelter, Interfaith Sanctuary and Giraffe Laugh are just some of the key organizations providing care and support for the diverse community that calls Midtown home.

Midtown by the Numbers

The History of Midtown

This was always a neighborhood destined for growth. Thousands of years ago, the waters of the Boise River served as a lifeline for the Shoshone tribes who lived in the harsh high desert. When homesteaders flocked to the area in the 1850s, they found gold here and built churches, stores, and homes by hand.

Fifty years later, laborers built the Oregon Shortline Railroad through Midtown. Immigrant families from Greece, Croatia and the Basque Country started their lives here, built their businesses here, and raised their families here. African Americans moved into homes along River Street to escape discrimination and find shelter from the pervasive racism at the time.

Over the years, Midtown has also served as a business hub, attracting railways, corporate headquarters and countless small businesses.